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Javascript basics for beginners
Javascript basics

I have written this document in such a beginner-friendly way that even a person who hasn't written a single line of code before can understand it and learn javascript basics with ease.

Html course
HTML notes

In this document, I tried to explain everything about HTML, I talked about HTML boilerplate and I documented almost all the HTML tags I got on the Internet, described their uses.

CSS tutorial Coming soon
CSS notes

Coming soon!

About me

Hey! This is Anshuman Praharaj. I am a Freelance Frontend Developer from India.
Over the past 2 years, I have invested my time learning Web Development, Finance,
Business And even created more than 100 pieces of content for my finance blog
and also created many micro web Development projects access them Here.

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Tuneconnect — be more productive while working.
Tuneconnect is a web based music player where you can listen relaxing music while working ,completing assignments or while chilling.


Weather app is a Webapp Using Reactjs And Weather API is very users friendly it is design to help user to access Weather of different place all over the world on the screen.This Project was my first react project and to be honest 50-60% code is copied but it served the purpose of getting me a basic idea of react js.


the green site a enviroment themed website to showcase my HTML and CSS skills

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